Autogenous Training

Autogenous Training

Rediscover your natural balance

Improve psychological well-being and dissolve tensions

The Autogenous Training is a scientifically recognized technique that has been worldwide success as a relaxation technique, devised by the German neurologist Iohannes Heinrich Schultz.

Through a series of exercises focused on the body and based on passive concentration, the Autogenous Training allows the achievement of a self-psychic relaxation, beneficial for the mind-body unity and to promote the restoration of the balance in the body.

Is aimed to the individual as a whole and to reach a greater self-awareness. Autogenic Training is not just a relaxation technique, but an important tool that leads to the discovery of well-being, to the reduction of "stress" and the potential improvement of performance in all activities, through a workout without effort. Once you know the technique, the A.T. is played with a few minutes a day in total autonomy. It lets get several benefits, including:

  • to recover physical and mental energy
  • to increase self-knowledge
  • to counter the excessive load of "stress" and tensions
  • to increase the ability to concentrate
  • to improve the quality of nocturnal sleep
  • to learn to live more healthy
  • to better manage difficult situations
  • to increase and enhance performance
  • to restore harmony and balance in the body

During the two weekends' introductory meetings , each lasting about an hour, you can participate to Experience of the Calm. Who wants, can enroll in the full path to the learning somatic cycle of Autogenous Training.

We recommend comfortable clothing.

The weekend packages to live the Experience of the Calm: