Bio & Eco

A journey which leads from the body to the soul

In Sardegna Grand Hotel Spa you can find all-natural therapy and inspired by primitive resources of the territory spa. In fact, we offer an interesting approach to the green medicine and the world BIO which finds, in the techniques and remedies, valid and effective answers to our wellbeing.




  • Ecolabel Environmental Certification

    Ecolabel Environmental Certification

    Environmental protection at Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme

    We invite you to turn your gaze out the window as you can see we are surrounded by green lawns and Mediterranean maquis under a clear blue sky that by night becomes so full of stars to make us feel unique in the universe.


  • Clay Bio-Thermal: the other name of the mud

    Clay Bio-Thermal: the other name of the mud

    A "medicine 100% natural" and without the package warnings.

    the clay acts relieving pain, reducing inflammation, stimulating bone metabolism in osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, disc problems in all other rheumatic diseases.


  • Environmental Awareness

    Environmental Awareness

    Geothermal and photovoltaic

    Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme was born with a modern conception of the use of renewable energy. The structure itself, with its stained glass windows, is capable of taking in the sun's rays, turning them into heat that warms the amps areas.