Clay Bio-Thermal: the other name of the mud

Clay Bio-Thermal: the other name of the mud

A "medicine 100% natural" and without the package warnings.

the clay acts relieving pain, reducing inflammation, stimulating bone metabolism in osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, disc problems in all other rheumatic diseases.

Between water and land the Bio Mud spa is the solution to your woe

the clay is also excellent because it fights against stress, improves circulation, detoxifies the body relaxes the muscles. The mud does wonders to the mind from the body, from the skin to eros ....
The mud is rich in minerals, the body sweats and expels toxins. At the same time enriched with minerals which stimulate the metabolism and activates anti-stress hormones: cortisol and beta-endorphin.
Also has effects on the neuroendocrine system, because it is favored the production of pituitary hormones with the subsequent reorganization of the balance bio-humoral and sexual.

The effect of treatment with the sludge is maintained for a longer period and wellbeing that comes from it lasts over time.

So in simple words we can say that the bio clay, mud spa bio, "gives and takes"!

1. transfers through the skin substances and active and funcional ingredients  _;
2. Reabsorbs substances of elimination, catabolites;
3. Increases body temperature deep and local;
4. Increases the microcirculation of the skin;
5. Increases the electrical skin conductibility ';
6. Increases sweating with shift in the Na-K;
7. Influence the central nervous system, vegetative, hormonal, immune.

Everything is influenced by the individual response. Mild and in some cases the initial apparent intolerance can be overcome by adapting to the individual simple parameters such as the quantity 'of product applied, the temperature of the same, the time of application. Overcome these obstacles, the benefit will be evident.