Environmental Awareness

Environmental Awareness

Geothermal and photovoltaic

Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme was born with a modern conception of the use of renewable energy. The structure itself, with its stained glass windows, is capable of taking in the sun's rays, turning them into heat that warms the amps areas.

The place where the hotel is located imposes a sense of respect for the pristine surroundings. For this has been widely used the local pink trachyte , a malleable stone of volcanic origin, allowing a better mimicry with the territory. In addition, the color palette selected for the plaster is very effective in reducing the visual impact of the structure.

The combination of the beautiful Sardinian sun and the heat of the thermal waters of Fordongianus has allowed the realization of works techniques that significantly reduce the environmental impact of operations that are carried out both at the spa that at Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme .

Two large solar panels were placed on the roofs of the hotel and the spa, each with a nominal power of 20 kW. The two systems are connected to the electricity distribution network and fully cover the needs for the extraction of the thermal water from the well.

The thermal water, which flows at 52 ° C and is distributed to 38 ° C for all its practical applications (mud, spa, wellness center, spa pools). The temperature difference is used to heat the two structures and to produce hot water. This process takes place through the large heat pumps that extract the excess calories from the thermal water.

The use of geo-thermal energy and photovoltaic avoids the burning of about 1,500 TOE (tonnes of oil equivalent) which would introduce into the atmosphere than 2,800 tons of CO2 per year. To better understand these data, we can imagine that if instead of oil you used the wood to produce the same amount of energy, it would take 22,000 trees, corresponding to 273 acres of woodland. This would happen every year ...

The energy produced is still not enough to cover all the needs of Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme therefore we have also implemented the industry's best practices for saving energy. The lighting elements are low voltage and high efficiency, both in the rooms and common areas. The electrical machinery in use are modern and high-performance while air conditioning is ensured by inverter systems with low consumption.