Birthday, 18th, Graduation Party

Birthday, 18th, Graduation Party

Unusual but definitely memorable!

Have you ever thought to treat yourself or give to someone very dear to you a birthday party? With us you can do it!

We have thousand alternatives to offer, from the dinner by candlelight followed by romantic bath in a pool just for you, to the delicious buffet dinner with preparations for your group of friends to whom to follow wild dancing night or a dip in the pool , never to miss your favorite cake, cake design work of great skill or even a dessert buffet just for you, with the canonical candles to blow out after expressing a wish.


Some ideas ...
  • birthday party for kids:
    • Access afternoon from 15.00 to 19.00;
    • cutting cake with soft drinks with entertainment from 15.00 to 17.00;
    • bath in the thermal pool from 17.00 to 18.00;
  • birthday party for adult group:
    • buffet dinner and cake cutting with sparkling wine;
    • access to the two thermal pools and wellness area from 21.30 to 24.00;
  • birthday party for couples:
    • dinner by candlelight in the dining room with cake cutting and champagne;
    • Access to the Private Spa Suite X2 for couple from 21.30 to 23.30;


18th ..the step into the adult world

The first step in the so-called adult world, you do it with your eighteenth birthday: that's why celebrate at the best this event is not only a pleasure - especially if you do it together family, friends and relatives - but it is also a real must , since this stage is one of the most important in your life.

Certainly to organize a day or an evening so special, you can not leave anything to chance, not even the smallest detail: beyond the ideal location we also want the right music as well as a service to the your ambitions' height, which gives to all present the pleasure to share great food, drinks and cocktails worthy of note.

Want to spend a memorable 18th birthday party, those who can really win _ your guests' hearts and minds, without having to worry about anything except warn them about the event? So contact us and starting from your desires, we will arrange your birthday party.


The Graduation Party ... an important stage of life

One of the most important stages of life is definitely obtaining adequate qualifications and, thus, if after much study among high school and college you graduated - for your family's, friends'and relatives' happiness - then it's appropriate to organize a nice graduation party with a memorable evening to share your joy and to look forward with optimism and cheerfulness to the results obtained and the future.

After you have chosen the location you can not underestimate the special menu preparation  or, alternatively, elaborate something more modern and tasty as can be quite a banquet or a finger food, especially suitable for those who love to share the well eating pleasure in a a more modern way and different  from the usual.

And what about the right music to enjoy a nice dance group or any other fun time in the pool ? Why not organize some fun sketch? In short, your graduation party can not be one of those usual and boring events but it is something that should crown the most of your academic success.


The possibilities are many for whatever the occasion to celebrate, ask us for a quote without obligation.