Book Guaranteed

Book Guaranteed

Booking Guaranteed

Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme offers a "Guarantee Reservation sght" to ensure repayment of the amounts actually paid in the event that it becomes necessary, for serious reasons, cancel a reservation outside the terms of the policy of deposit and cancellation of specific a tariff or a package.


Conditions applicable:

Reasons for cancellation
The "Guarantee Reservation sght" ensure repayment of the amounts paid in relation to a specific reservation, which must be deleted by the customer outside of the terms allowed for that tariff or package.

Those who purchase the "Guarantee Reservation sght" may receive a refund of the amounts paid in the case of:

  • serious illness, hospitalization or serious accident of the host for which it was booked the stay;
  • serious accident or sudden serious emergency resulting in hospitalization of a family member (belonging to the 1st degree of kinship) of the host booked;
  • mourning family (family belonging to the 1st degree of kinship) of the host booked;
  • serious damage (theft, fire, etc..) to the properties of the guest book (house, apartment) that necessarily require its presence;
  • legitimate impediment of force majeure that prevents the journey to the hotel (deletion of sea or air transport due to adverse weather conditions, blocked roads).

Cost of service
The "Guarantee Reservation sght" has a cost equal to 4 € per person (adults, teens and children) per night.

How to subscribe
If you want to subscribe to the service "Guarantee Reservation sght" is sufficient to specify the dedicated page on the way to buy online or by contacting our reservations department within 12 hours after the reservation is made.

Conditions of reimbursement
In the event that it becomes necessary to request a refund of amounts paid on a serious cause for waiver will be necessary to send the supporting documentation (medical certificate with validity dates that include travel dates, based on hospitalization, death certificate, certificate from the police, declaration of the transporter and / or carrier).

The "Guarantee Reservation sght" only covers the cancellation of the entire stay and can not be adopted in the event of any late arrival or early departure.