For those who want something different and special

The buffet-style option is dynamic, fun, and often cheaper than the classic wedding lunch.

If you opt for this choice, there are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • The guests have a greater movement freedom, they can stand up when they want it, take a walk, try the various dishes on several occasions; 
  • You can choose to opt for a standing buffet or a buffet with set tables where guests will be able to accommodate ; 
  • Will always be present, visible and available our staff, so that the guests feel pampered and have the feeling that "there is always someone to take care of them carefully";
  • The abundance will not fail, you do not ever run the risk that some tray remains empty in the middle of lunch or dinner.
  • We will devote particular attention to the elderly and infants, with regard to the tables distribution , we will arrange the tables closest to the buffet, so that is not too difficult or strenuous reach it every time.
  • The mise en place will always be elegant and even more versatile since it will be easier to create your own style with the covers, tablecloths, cutlery, flowers, decorations, etc.. also not necessarily classics;
  • You can set up a space for the music, giving way to dance and sing, during the whole buffet;

The Tradition's and Folklore's Buffet 
  • Waterfall salami; 
  • Typical cheeses Composition; 
  • The Octopus Salad with Balsamic Vinegar 
  • The Canapes Variety 
  • The Mustella, Radicchio and Parmesan 
  • The pancakes with Vegetables 
  • Mixed Grilled Vegetables 
  • The Salted cakes variety 
  • mussels Gratin 
  • The Vol-au-vent with shrimps 
  • Pizza margherita 
  • Rice Salad 
  • The incasada Fregola with Pecorino 
  • The Casarecce alla Gallurese 
  • The Roast Pork in plain sight 
  • Water and house wine in the bottle 
  • Coffee served at the bar, Myrtle, Lemoncello and Filu Ferru
The Exclusive Buffet
  • Assorted canapés
  • Eggs with curls Mayonnaise curls
  • The Tomato and Mozzarella Skewers
  • The Vol-ou-vent with Vegetables
  • Salad Sea
  • Mussels Soup
  • Ham and Melon
  • The Vegetarian Salad
  • Bresaola, rocket and Grana
  • Variety pizzas
  • Salmon marinated with Three Pepper
  • The Smoked Tuna served with butter curls
  • Mezze Penne with Lobster
  • Rice with Bacon and Cinnamon
  • Grouper in plain sight accompanied by its Sauces
  • Water and house wine in the bottle
  • Coffee served at the bar, Myrtle, Lemoncello and Filu Ferru

Minimum 30 persons - from €. 30.00 pp.