Business Parties

Business Parties

When the business gives way to have fun!

We will organize for you a original , exciting and memorable business party so that it becomes a perfect event that you do not easily forget!

That is the business party, Christmas dinner, the new product presentation , the objectives achievement , reward your employees or pay homage to the customers, we will be happy to propose interesting solutions for an evening full of fun and good taste or a relaxation and pampering day!



The menu is rich and accurate in every detail, customizable for every price's or cuisine's kind .

The meeting before dinner?

You will be given an exclusive lounge where you can combine moments of a corporate nature to a festive occasion. There is audio and video system for any awards, greetings, etc..

The Entertainment?

It will be our pleasure to assist and advise you, artists or activities that can nicely accompany your dinner and make nice the after dinner.

The fun?

For a differently after-dinner , a dip in our warm thermal swimming pools with bubbles in and out of the water ;-)


Why not organize a wellness and personal care afternoon, a Spa Day or a thermal path and a light goodbye buffet?


Wellness, Work and Pleasure

Here is one of many ideas or examples of how we can organize your event:

  • 18.00 - Welcome Drink consisting of: Non-alcoholic fruit cocktails and alcoholic, bottled water, chips, pretzels, olives and sausage with carasau bread, apetizer, pastries;
  • 19.00 - Admission to the Conference Room, arrangement according to demand; related equipment included: video system projector, flip-chart, audio and video system, video-cam service, free wi-fi. Secretariat area available for welcome service.
  • 21.00 - Dinner in the dining room: it may require a lot of options, some examples may be:
    • Buffet service with standing or seating position, consisting of 15 cold dishes , a heat first course , a heat second course , dessert, mineral water, house wine and coffee served at the bar;
    • Table service with pre-fixed menu according to your needs, for example, consists of  appetizers land / sea, two first course tastes, a second course with side dish, dessert, drinks included and coffee served at the bar;
  • 22.30 - Dance, music and lots of fun in the pool with hot thermal waters, whirlpools, water carousel and the wellness area to relax and forget the stresses under a sky full of stars and magic!
  • For those who wish to relax even more we will be available at the Beauty Farm to book any treatment as well as aesthetic and therapeutic spa rituals and private spa.


The possibilities are many for whatever the occasion to celebrate, ask us for a quote without obligation.