Heavy legs? No thanks

Heavy legs? No thanks

Heaviness in the legs: a season malaise

Tired , heavy and swollen legs are a fixed appointment in the summer; The solution is in small practical devices and in some natural remedies. Or to come to Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme to receive treatments that will give you relief.

If you wake up in the morning with a heaviness feeling in the legs, it's time to heal.

The legs become tired because their muscles do not receive adequate blood amounts and thus oxygen necessary to fully perform the required work.

An organ or tissue in fact, to keep yourself healthy, intact and able to perform its functions, must receive adequate nutrition, and above all it must be able to dispose of the waste arising from its energetic work . In the case of the legs, the situation is much more complex: the upright position created hydrodynamic conditions very different compared with quadrupeds in which all the body weight is evenly distributed on all fours. No animal in fact suffer for varicose veins.

Here are the signs that indicate a disturbance in the microcirculation:

  • Heavy legs and aching especially in the evening and after a prolonged stay in the feet;
  • Veins that 'emerge' on the surface forming reliefs visible on the legs;
  • Localized swelling below the ankles. The legs are heavier and more rigid than usual, as if they were 'cork'.
  • Tingling, itching, and muscle cramps in the calf, with a sudden heat sensations.


All disorders are more intense at the end of a day, a few days before the menstrual cycle and in the summer.

If you recognize yourself in what you just read we recommend you to investigate, continuing in the pages below, an look also the specific packages that we have prepared for you.

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