Heavy Legs: risk categories

Heavy Legs: risk categories

Sedentary travelers, clerks, ...

It was noted that 60% of Europeans has legs' veins anomalies . It is believed that the main people categories at risk heavy legs are:

Who has problems with microcirculation - is now known that heavy feeling in the lower limbs develops on the basis of a genetic predisposition represented by a 'weakness' congenital of the vein wall.

Those who follow a bad diet - diet rich in fat and low in fiber. This results in overweight, fatigue in the legs and veins. In addition, the lack of fiber gives rise to slow intestinal transit that can contribute to heavy feeling in the lower limbs.

Have swollen legs is a disorder due to the blood which tends, by force of gravity, to fall down. It's just the veins' tone and the pressure that comes from the calf muscles and sole of the foot, aided by thoracic inspirations, to ensure that the blood returns to the heart.

The valves inside the veins serve just to help the venous blood return.

But when the blood can not go back and it builds up inside the blood vessel, subjected to excessive tension, the wall becomes less resistant and tends to expand, losing its normal capacity of containment against the blood. Thus there is a progressive loss of the 'venous tone', which is the microcirculation 's function physiological's disorders' basis.

Who doesn't enough exercise risks to have heavy legs. In these cases, the muscle pump that, with the movement in a natural way helps the return circulation to the legs, is not sufficiently activated .

Risk heavy legs even those who do sedentary jobs or, conversely, that force you to stay very long standing. In both cases it promotes blood stasis in the legs' veins and, consequently, the venous disorders development.

Even those who travel every day is not free from heavy legs: spend hours sitting in the car, plane or train forces in uncomfortable and wrong positions that lead to swelling, especially in the foothills.