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Useful information to program a good stay at the Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme .



  • Contacts


    Who to call

    You can contact us in many ways and this page wants to help you do it in the most effective way. Choose from the following departments or scroll down this page:

  • How to arrive

    How to arrive

    Fordongianus is easy to reach

    Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme is located in Fordongianus , in the province of Oristano. The State Route 131, which runs Sardinia in its entirety, is the axis of main slider closer to us. Therefore we give you detailed directions to find us and an interactive map which shows exactly our position.


  • How to pay

    How to pay

    All Payament Forms

    At the Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme , we try to make the payments a simple experience.



  • What to See

    What to See

    The magic of the Territory

    Fordongianus and its surroundings offer artistic, natural, environmental, historical treasures ... and much more for those who love to discover the land, people and traditions.


  • Bed and Breakfast

    Bed and Breakfast

    The Cheapest Package

    The tariff in bed and breakfast is the cheapest and the one that allows the maximum use of the hotel and the spa, ensuring freedom of movement for those who, for example, intends discover the territory or engage in intensive sports activities.


  • Full Board

    Full Board

    Our basic package

    The rate of full board is the most requested by our guests as it allows a greater flexibility of booking, alteration and possible cancellation; it also includes all the basic facilities of the Spa and Wellness Area.