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    • Welcome to Fordongianus

      Welcome to Fordongianus

      The best hot spring SPA in Sardinia

      Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme has the largest and best equipped thermal SPA of the island. Since the dawn of time the hot springs of Fordongianus were used and worshipped by the local populations. Then the Romans built a huge Thermal Bath and the ruins are still there to be visited, only 10 minutes walk away from the hotel. In our days the hot spring water is used by our SPA and by the villagers, in the path of a tradition that is thousands of years old.



    • Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme's newsletter

      Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme 's newsletter

      The best proposals in October

      In October, the first sparkling days __ begin, days that put in evidence our immune system and, more generally, the physical form. The Spa is the place where you can effectively strengthen your physical and mental wellbeing.

      So here is our most interesting proposals for the month as well as packages for All Saints, including Halloween activities for the most (and least) small.

      We are waiting you with open arms!