Gourmet Fall-Winter

Gourmet Fall-Winter

We love to spoil our guests

Customize the service, making your stay as close as possible to the expectations of each and propose innovations are all reasons why we wanted to build our Bio Gourmet Charter. In addition to our daily charter, included in board service, you can choose to have gourmet meals with formula "à la carte" between dishes and wines like those found below.


Bio-Gourmet Charter Fall/Winter 2014


For those who love...

... Appetizers


    Cucina Bio-GourmetCarrots and Parmesan Cheese Souffle, with of Peas and Emmental Cream

               Energy and Wellness in harmony with nature, 100% certified organic ingredients


                     The Prawns in Pasta Fillo Crust

               The pasta's lightness and shrimp protein intake makes the dish delicious but also light


 ... First Dishes

    Cucina Bio-GourmetStrozzapreti Blacks with Pecorino and Bottarga Cream

                A set of colors and flavors that attract, thus creating a strong and attractive dish, 100% Organic ingredients


    Cucina Bio-GourmetIs Aneddos Eleonora D’Arborea

              Intense flavor and tradition ... a perfect match, 100% Organic ingredients

... Second Dishes

     Salmon Roll, Sea Bass and Shrimp with Saffron and Pachino Tomato Sauce

   Fantasy and refinement characterize the dish, saffron and tomatoes contribute to the flavor and color

     Beef Tenderloin with Black Truffle and Brie

    A color and taste symbiosis. Recommended for those who love the unique flavors



    Cucina Bio-GourmetThe Culurgionis del Ghiottone, ricotta cheese and Nougat wrapped with Thistle Honey

               A dessert by intriguing taste , the combination of ricotta cheese, nougat and thistle honey makes the dish a delight to the palate, 100% Organic ingredients


                    The Bavarian with Orange

               Gentleness, refinement and delicacies are the masters. Important Note oranges, thanks to vitamin C enhance our body's immune system against viruses and bacteria



Of course these dishes should be accompanied by the right wine and our cellar is well stocked with the best that can give the land. In a paper like this we propose:


...the elegance of the "White"

Cantine del Vermentino Monti
deep and bright golden yellow , the nose has hints of ripe fruit, peach, apricot, balsamic sensations of Mediterranean maquis, rosemary, vanilla, licorice root. It tastes slightly acidic, net mineral sensations , savory, fat, persistent and long. With an alcohol content of 13.5% vol., Accompanies seafood, fish, shellfish or drink throughout the meal.


PARALLELO 41 - 2010 

Sella & Mosca
straw-colored and vibrant. The aroma is intense and full; has hints of honey, acacia flowers and broom. The taste is soft and shows a fine structure accompanied by fullness and length. The complexity of the nose is confirmed by warm sensations and references to flowers and exotic fruits with additions of vanilla and a slight return of toasted oak barrels' tones, with aftertaste of great cleaning. It's a wine to be enjoyed as an accompaniment and support of important aperitifs and well-evaluated combinations of innovative cuisine.



straw-yellow color has a scent that reminds yellow flowers and fruit, a large and enveloping taste welcoming. With an alcohol content of 14% vol., is perfect with our land and our sea's most balanced dishes , from fish appetizers to white meat, to medium-aged cheeses.


... the nobility of "Red"



Ferruccio Deiana 
ruby red color tending to garnet, with intense aromas of ripe fruit and spicy taste is soft, robust structure, full-bodied, smooth and enveloping. The optimal structure is obtained by maceration followed by aging in oak barrels for 18 months. It has an alcohol content of 13.5% by volume. It goes well with roast red meats, game mature and tangy cheeses.


GALANA IGT 2005 Colli del Limbara
Cantina del Vermentino Monti
Deep ruby colored with violet hues, the nose is intense with the scent of wild berries and hints of vanilla. The taste is dry, warm, fruity full-bodied, soft and elegant. Gradation of 13%. It is a perfect accompaniment to pasta dishes, roasts, DOP sweet pecorino cheese, or drink throughout the meal.



with intense ruby red color has a scent of Mediterranean vegetation and berries; aged in oak barrels for three months has a full-bodied, smooth and velvety. With an alcohol content of 13%. is excellent with dishes with strong flavors such as dishes with sauce, stewed meat, roasts, game and ripe cheeses.