Nutrition education DDA!

Winning weapon against excess weight, toxins and free radicals!

How does the basic DDA diet?


Our Guest, first make an appointment with our doctor to check the health status and plan your stay in a personalized way.

Who chose the DDA program will be directed by the nutritionist who will do an eating habits and lifestyle overview.

Will be evaluated along with the goal to achieve, which could be detoxification, weight loss, or simply wanting to better understand how to have a proper and healthy diet.

The DDA diet aims to alimentary re-education and is personalized according to the individual Guest's adequate caloric intake but also according to their own tastes.

Fundamental is the BIA examination , through which you can evaluate qualitatively and quantitatively the body mass composition, the oxidative stress measurement and the free radicals evaluation.

The diet is balanced on 3 daily meals and 1 snack foods prepared using selected and top quality food, preferring vegetables and fresh fish, lean meats and seasonal fruits.

The diet effectiveness of the diet is also ensured by the dietary supplements and natural herbal teas use that help the purification and well-being.

Will also be planned physical activities, to be followed during the week and to continue at home, few minutes a day will be sufficient to maintain the results that gradually reach.

Daily health and beauty treatments will allow to eliminate the most common imperfections by finding to the body and face tone and brightness.


During your stay, daily, is evaluated individual response to the program you are currently taking and any changes are made.


Upon departure the guest will receive a food program that you can continue at home to continue the path.

The Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme offers, free of charge, to the guests who follow the DDA path  , the ability to contact weekly the nutritionist via email to check the results and possibly even set up appointments in the day spa.

DDA: slimming, purifying, antioxidant.


A 6 weeks diet path , the first of which to be carried out to Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme and the remaining at home, followed by our nutritionist by e-mail.

The package includes a FREE appointment, to be used after the home diet continuation , which includes 1 night full board, appointment with the nutritionist, BIA examination and replenishing food diet. This to ensure the results and follow the Guest from the beginning to the end of the program.

The program provides for the animal fats and flours complex exclusion, which are replaced with vegetable fat and flour simple. The preference for organic foods and ORAC high-dose , make this diet a winning weapon against excess weight, toxins and free radicals!



If you are interested in the only visit, exams, the food program ...

Visit with the nutritionist + food program processing    
€. 50.00
BIA exam €. 30.00
Food program processing
€. 20.00
Checkup €. 20.00