Kids & Teens Wellness

Kids & Teens Wellness

The beauty area also opens up to children and Teens...

Why, just mom and dad can enter in Beauty area? Even us kids want to try everything they do!

EAnd here's the beauty area also opens to the little guests with massages and facial treatments designed specifically for them.

Wellness for children ... little princesses and ... great princes ....

In our wellness center ... even the little ones can experience the spa pampering , where they can learn to take care of their skin while having fun.

  • WINNIE THE POOH -for little girls and little boys 20 min. €. 20:00 

    1 sweet honey massage

  • POCAHONTAS - for little girls 15 min. €. 15.00

    Discover the Pocahontas' natural beauty :
    1 makeup

  • MERMAID ARIEL - for little girls 15 min. €. 15.00 

    To shine and enchant like the Little Mermaid Ariel:
    1 glittery nail polish hands and feet

  • HEIDI E PETER - for little girls and little boy 50 min. €. 50.00 

    Be fresh and pure as the cute Heidi and Peter:
    1 small facial cleansing
    1 massage with citrus fruits

  • NEMO -for little girls and little boy 20 min. €. 20:00 

    Finding Nemo ...
    1 massage in a colorful lights sea

 Guys Wellness... Special Boys and Girls ...

If you also want to pamper yourself and try our massage and facial treatments to make your skin more beautiful, we thought to a perfect experience for you.

  • GIRLS PACKAGE 50 min. €. 50.00

    1 honey massage
    1 manicure with polish

  • BOYS PACKAGE 50 min. €. 50.00

    1 honey massage
    1 facial cleansing