Massage Planet

Massage Planet

and is immediately ... feel good!

Massage is an ancient art, one of the safest forms and natural body care.

Beyond the tried and tested benefits of each type, it is always a pause, a cuddle to feel good, that from time to time it's nice to enjoy.

The word massage comes from the Arabic word MASS indicating the act of touch with skillful hands, like the hands of the staff of of the Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme , professional and motivated, listening and accompanies the guest along a personalized path, recommended and agreed with makers and practitioners of  the spa.

A vast range of massages and treatments from all over the world, from western to eastern culture, most suited to your needs and preferences to accompany the guest on a journey of relax and serenity, to recover your well-being.


Localized Antalgic Massage for the functional recovery of the locomotor system.   
Duration 25 min. €. 29.00
Manipulation of the soft tissues of the body in order to promote relaxation, improve sleep and reduce muscle soreness.
Duration 25 min. €. 29.00
Duration 55 min. €. 53.00
Designed to revitalize, firm and tone the tissues and to recover their natural elasticity. It acts on the muscles and on the dermis.
Duration 25 min. €. 29.00
Massage type "reflex", whose objective is the evocation of reflex mechanisms in areas very distant from the point or body segment in which they practice massage.
Duration 25 min. €. 29.00
It has a local action on the muscular system and the skeletal structure, on the lymphatic system and blood circulation by stimulating the nerve endings of the feet.
Duration 25 min.  €. 29.00
Gentle massage that has the purpose to "open" the lymphatic stations to allow the flow of the lymph, is indicated in all cases of edema, fluid retention, in cellulite, in lymphatic stasis.
Duration 25 min. - lower limbs €. 23.00
Duration 55 min. - complete €. 53.00
Through slow and deep movements influences the body posture stimulating the circulation.
Duration 55 min. €. 56.00
Carried out with particular combinations of essential oils for a relaxing treatment customized.
Duration 25 min. €. 33.00
CANDLE MASSAGE - Light up your skin
Multi-sensory experience, let yourself be pampered by the fluid vegetable oil that gets on the skin with a gentle heat, relieves tension, restores tone and vigor, free of inhibitions and labors.
Duration 25 min. €. 33.00
Duration 55 min. €. 56.00
Eastern therapeutic technique of acupressure, it acts on the meridians through pressure on energy points helping to recover mental and physical balance and vitality.
Duration 25 min. €. 33.00
Duration 55 min. €. 56.00
Ancient art of natural therapy reactivates the "internal pharmacy" in order to restore balance and well-being through acupressure of precise "reflex points".
Duration 25 min. €. 33.00
Massage of Indian origin which acts on the physical plane, relaxes the body, improves the elasticity of the muscles, nourishes the skin, and on a psychic level and removes stress
Duration 55 min. €. 56.00
Massage of Chinese origin. Its deep action in the muscle allows you to reach and dissolve the build-up of tension, oxygenates, detoxifies and stimulates the tissues with positive effects on the lymphatic circulation.
total treatment 75 min. €. 67.00
partial treatment 45 min. €. 49.00
Also known as the Soul massage was born in California in the years following the Vietnam War. This massage allows the retrieval and processing of experiences seemingly forgotten
total treatment 75 min. €. 67.00
partial treatment 45 min. €. 49.00
The transition from cold to hot, it is good for blood circulation and skin elasticity.
Duration 25 min. €. 33.00
Massage on the energy points with techniques of Chinese and Indian origin to slow tension and stress.
Duration 25 min. €. 29.00
Localized massage on specific areas of the face to reactivate the lymphatic circulation and reduce water retention.
Duration 25 min. €. 29.00
Specific massage for smoothing out wrinkles.
Duration 25 min. €. 29.00