The Chef Andrea Carta

The Chef Andrea Carta

The love for cooking was born at home

The love for good food comes from childhood to our Chef Andrea Carta, with the daily family example , where the cuisine was always careful and attentive to the quality even though is characterized by simplicity and tradition.


Our Chef Andrea Carta was born in San Nicolo in July 1970 after attending the schools , he decided to enroll at the Institute of Hotel in Alghero. During his studies, his passion was so great to follow his teacher, a famous restaurant's chef  in Alghero, to practice during his free time.

Lo Chef Andrea Carta in una fase creativaAfter his school years, he threw himself headlong at work and so began his career as a commis de cuisine to become head chef at the highest quality premises, as well as those typical traditional.

Around the world has been able to refine all the cooking techniquesenabling him to develop and produce real artworks both in terms of culinary and decorative.

The love for his family and for his country led him to decide to stop here and so decides to cooperate with the Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme and SPA. In fact for 5 years along with his associates, chef Andrea is an hotel staff integral part by providing his professionalism and passion.

The Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme 's special mission has meant that his professionalism is an orientation for creative cuisine, rooted in the territory, but with the aim to prepare dishes that can actively help the Welness paths offered by the hotel.