There is no quality of life without wellness, there is no wellness without spa!

Health is a perfect mental and physical balance which depends on the quality of our life, a precious gift to be protected, to keep it as long as possible. Our treatments, always oriented to the care, but even before to the prevention, represent the "vehicle" of choice to maintain, achieve or regain this precious balance.


  • Mud Therapy

    Mud Therapy

    Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

    This valuable natural care is the perfect mixture of a solid component, such as the clay, of a liquid, such as water containing sodium bicarbonate Fluoro of Fordongianus , and of a biological, such as microorganisms.

    The clay is immersed in special tanks and is held in continuous contact with the thermal water that flows at a temperature of 52 ° C, in a constant exposure to sunlight for a period of 6-7 months.


  • Balneotherapy


    ...experience of well-being

    Combined with mud care, of which it is the second time, it becomes a primary care spa for those who, due to different diseases, can not undergo the traditional mud therapy.

    The hydrotherapy spa using thermal waters and therapeutically active, associates to the physical properties the biological effects exerted by therapeutic mineralising that make it a solution to the peculiar chemical and physical composition.


  • The inhalation therapies

    The inhalation therapies

    The inhalation therapy with thermal water

    Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme has a special department inhalation therapies.
    The particular composition of water containing sodium bicarbonate-fluoro makes it possible to obtain an antiseptic effect on the mucous membranes, a smooth flow of secretions and ciliary stimulation of bronchial asthma. In this way are favored body's defense mechanisms against both common colds that the chronic irritation caused by deteriorating environmental conditions.


  • Idrokinesitherapy


    Prevent, recover, improve, speed

    Rehabilitate means not only regain your energy and physical strength after injuriesor  trauma, it also means strengthening to improve performance, but above all means to prevent.


  • Antalgic Treatments

    Antalgic Treatments

    Divinum est sedare dolorem

    Since ancient fathers of medicine had identified the pain relief one of the highest order. Pain is an individual experience that limits our performance, our personal, social and working life. Sometimes it is a temporary condition that resolves with treatment of his cause, but other times the pain assumes a chronic form, requiring a specific program that evaluates independence and a good quality of life.


  • The circulatory treatments

    The circulatory treatments

    When runs ... good blood

    The efficiency of the peripheral circulatory system is, to our body, a guarantee of health and beauty.
    This is demonstrated by the fact that when the peripheral circulation becomes less efficient, on our skin appear edema, swelling, orange peel skin, often accompanied by disorders such as heaviness, fatigue, tingling and cramping.


  • The Exclusive Oroazzurro SPA

    The Exclusive Oroazzurro SPA

    The Elegance of Relax!

    A multi-sensory and politermale path, unique, intimate originates from the waterfalls of OROAZZURRO. An energetic path, stimulating, balancing, purifying, immunizing and invigorating. The heat of the sauna, the music of the water, the colors of light, aromatherapy essences dissolved in the environment, reintegration of minerals through herbal teas, make this course an experience of a thousand sensations!



  • Condition 9

    Condition 9

    Biologically young ... for a long time

    Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme is a magical place where leisure is transformed into moments of healthy life, both physical and emotional. This transformation reaches its highest expression in "Condition 9", an innovative system for improving the quality of life.