Antalgic Treatments

Antalgic Treatments

Divinum est sedare dolorem

Since ancient fathers of medicine had identified the pain relief one of the highest order. Pain is an individual experience that limits our performance, our personal, social and working life. Sometimes it is a temporary condition that resolves with treatment of his cause, but other times the pain assumes a chronic form, requiring a specific program that evaluates independence and a good quality of life.

In Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme suggest listening and the study of pain through the analgesic therapy, which through specific types of treatment, it helps to identify the causes, physiology, the mechanisms of production and propagation, and to identify their care.

Pain therapy gives excellent results especially on young people, where the pain, not yet chronic cycles, it is more easily controlled and removable, with high chances of a full recovery of the faculties and psychomotor performance.

Our antalgic treatments: