...experience of well-being

Combined with mud care, of which it is the second time, it becomes a primary care spa for those who, due to different diseases, can not undergo the traditional mud therapy.

The hydrotherapy spa using thermal waters and therapeutically active, associates to the physical properties the biological effects exerted by therapeutic mineralising that make it a solution to the peculiar chemical and physical composition.

Less intense of the mud therapy, extremely pleasant and relaxing, the treatment of balneotherapy is then used to assimilate the vasodilator properties, relaxing and analgesic properties of the thermal waters, and these are in fact an extraordinary element because they facilitate all activities of the body joints: the movements are more loose, the muscles relax, the pain decreases.

During the balneotherapy you are immersed in individual tubs of water-fluoridated water containing sodium bicarbonate at a temperature of 34-36 ° C for a duration of between 8 and 20 minutes depending of what is prescribed by the doctor during the visit of admission to care. The complete cycle of care includes 12 baths made at the rate of one a day.
At the end of the bath, in order to allow the "sweating", is important to be stretched and wrapped in warm blankets, similarly to what happens after a mud therapy session. Peaceful and relaxing, for a period of about 20 minutes, so as to give our body time to restore its physiological temperature.

To conclude the session, and reap the greatest benefits, it is recommended a reaction massage or a massage revulsive action.

The properties of the thermal bath

the temperature:
the temperature of the thermal influence especially skin and muscle vasodilation (the hence the bloodstream), promotes muscle relaxation with a decrease in blood pressure, and induces an analgesic action.

The chemical composition:
everything in addition to specific hormonal, biochemical and neurovegetative stimuli dependent on the chemical composition of the thermal water that complement and amplify the full recovery of well-being and functionality of the musculoskeletal system, skin and arterio-venous District, favoring the resolution chronic inflammatory processes and multiple types of dermatoses.

The Pressure:
the thermal bath, through the pressure of the water, it is ideal for joints, for pain syndromes, muscle atrophy and it is important therapy rehabilitation programs after trauma, fractures and surgery.

The diseases treatable with balneotherapy treatment

Vascular therapy which:

  • Flebopatite or sequelae of chronic type of phlebitis;
  • Outcomes or consequences of peripheral vascular surgery;
  • Chronic venous insufficiency varicose veins lower extremities;
  • Chronic lower extremity vascular disease (if venous);
  • Functional peripheral vascular disorders.

Spa Bath therapy and ozone therapy

Ozone is triatomic oxygen state and is used for its properties to facilitate the transfer of oxygen by red blood cells, increasing the elasticity of their membrane with the consequent improvement of the circulation but also for its antibacterial, antiviral antifungal activity.
The addition of the delicate "ozone whirlpool" to the session balneotherapy multiplies the benefits of the latter allowing greater oxygenation venous and lymphatic tissue relaxation. The bubbles from the ozone stimulate blood circulation, ensuring an intense vasodilatation especially where our body fatigue, as in the case of tissues affected by cellulite, or in the microcirculation of the skin capillaries, such as hands and feet.

Beneficial properties of ozone are the anti-inflammatory, disinfectant against bacteria and fungi, and pain relief but also his ability to compose the body's fat reducing making it more fluid microcirculation.

What makes ozone theraphy a practice widely used is the total absence of contraindications as well as the effectiveness of treatment and tolerability of the body relative to this practice. This thermal cure in fact does not use any type of medications but only a mixture of oxygen and ozone which is supplied by small holes in the tank to be absorbed better by the body.

It is indicated for cellulite, skin blemishes, acne, skin aging, loss of tissue tone, sagging skin, capillary fragility, circulatory problems, diseases of the cardiovascular system, maintain physical fitness.

Ozone although not included in the demanding supplementary therapy for cures to Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme is still included in the treatment.