Condition 9

Biologically young ... for a long time

Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme is a magical place where leisure is transformed into moments of healthy life, both physical and emotional. This transformation reaches its highest expression in "Condition 9", an innovative system for improving the quality of life.

“Condition 9”is the exclusive set of paths, treatments, entertainment and activities that lead to the achievement of a positive lifestyle, with great benefits for the body and the mind.

“Condition 9” is the summary of our experience gained through years of spas, wellness, diet and food, hospitality and entertainment, cultural promotion and territorial. This synthesis takes place in a certain scientific framework, which also uses modern diagnostic tools to accurately determine any areas of intervention and measurement of the results achieved.

“Condition 9” is an approach that allows you to defeat ... even the weather, facilitating the preservation of mental and physical qualities typical of youth.