The inhalation therapies

The inhalation therapies

The inhalation therapy with thermal water

Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme has a special department inhalation therapies.
The particular composition of water containing sodium bicarbonate-fluoro makes it possible to obtain an antiseptic effect on the mucous membranes, a smooth flow of secretions and ciliary stimulation of bronchial asthma. In this way are favored body's defense mechanisms against both common colds that the chronic irritation caused by deteriorating environmental conditions.

Special instruments break up the particles of thermal water,  atomizing  and turn them into an effective treatment for diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract and for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases.

Has been recognized scientifically as the Thermal inhalation therapy are useful in the treatment of respiratory diseases and prevention of infectious exacerbations.
The number of respiratory diseases, in recent years, increases considerably, partly owing to the deteriorating environmental conditions (pollution, smoking, cigarette, etc). In medical literature, numerous studies confirm the damage on the anatomy and lung function caused by prolonged exposure to pollutants (even at low concentration) and cigarette smoking (active and passive).

It was also shown that the acute infection of the respiratory tract represent the most frequent cause of infectious disease and the main cause of adult prescription of antibiotics, while chronic inflammation of the respiratory mucosa prevents the correct functionality of the respiratory system, and then, promotes infectious exacerbations.

The inhalation treatments, which are carried out under medical supervision, have an immediate therapeutic effect but are also often recommended and used at a preventive level, completing a traditional spa treatments.

In Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme thermal water is administered in different ways depending on the different pathologies to be treated:

- Irrigation or nasal showers:
For what concerns the "showers" and nasal irrigation, thermal water, kept at a constant temperature and pleasant, is scrolled, light and continuous flow within the nasal cavity.

-Micronized Nasal Showers:
The micronised irrigation allows an intense absorption of the active ingredients contained in the thermal water, as well as a deep cleansing and wetting action .

Thermal water passes through a device that has the task of "crush" the same water in more or less small particles which is then inhaled being just plain sitting in front of the appliance;

- Aerosol:
The concept is similar to inhalation, the difference is due to appliances that break down the thermal water in particles with a diameter between 3 and 10 microns, which is mostly stop in the upper respiratory tract.

- Humage:
Is a therapeutic treatment based inhalation of the gases present in the thermal waters. The gaseous state enabling the diffusion of dissolved gases in the respiratory tract and its penetration into all tissues that are achieved, even in the finer branches alveolar and paranasal cavities. The duration of the application is of 2-3 minutes and can be done with normal breathing with the nose at a distance of 20 cm. The concept is similar to inhalation, the difference is due to appliances that break down the thermal water in particles with a diameter between 3 and 10 microns, which is mostly stop in the upper respiratory tract.

-Insufflation endotympanic:
The effect of this application is to thin the secretions of the tympanic cavity facilitating the drainage along the tuba and restore the balance of pressure between the two sides of the tympanic membrane. For the diagnosis and control of immediate and long-range results at the Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme features a silent booth with audiometer, ear analyzer a specialist in Otolaryngology (ORL).

- Politzer:
This treatment, which has the same purpose and characteristics exsufflations Endotympanum, is used as an alternative to tubal catheterization in all situations where it is not possible the introduction of the catheter into the nasal cavity (complete deviation of the septum, Erethism of the subject). It consists of sending, with an olive inserted into the nasal vestibule, hydrogen sulphide at a maximum pressure of 0.5 atmospheres. The release of gas takes place in an intermittent manner and should be simultaneous on swallowing repeated by the patient or the issuance of a guttural sound repeated several times.

The inhalation therapy with thermal water is effective against:

  • simple chronic bronchitis or accompanied by an obstructive component (excluding asthma or emphysema);
  • vasomotor rhinopathy;
  • chronic pharyngolaryngitis;
  • chronic sinus syndrome or chronic rhino-sinusitica;
  • -bronchial chronic rhinosinusitis syndromes;
  • tonsillar and adenoid hypertrophy;
  • tubal stenosis;
  • chronic catarrhal otitis;
  • chronic purulent otitis;

 Therapeutic objectives through inhalation therapies are manifold:

  • Antiseptic action;
  • Stimulation of ciliary action;
  • Fluidification of the secretion;
  • Normalization of respiratory mucus properties;
  • Reduction of non physiological microbiological component;


Regardless of the method of administration the true anti-inflammatory therapy is due to the peculiar characteristics of the thermal water used pure without medications, balsamic essences or other.


The Spa Treatments

Inhalation of steam humid heat of thermal water, indicated for major diseases of the respiratory tract.
 €.  7.00
Inhalation of sprayed thermal water specific for the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases.
 €.  7.00
Nasal Inhalation of thermal water micro spray high penetration.
 €.  7.00
Nasal wash with thermal water indicated for rhinitis and sinusitis.
 €.  7.00
Introducing hydrogen and thermal water in the tympanic cavity, indicated in the losses of hearing sensitivity derived from deafness.