Along the west coast between Vermentino and Cannonau

Along the west coast between Vermentino and Cannonau

The coast and its wines

Oristano is located in the Sardinia's center , on the west coast. Known throughout the world for Sartiglia, the famous jousting that takes place every year during Carnival.

The historical center dates back to the 'eleventh century of which it retains the St. Christopher's Tower, better known as Porta Manna (great gate). During the medieval period the city was under the Duchess Eleanor's governance , one of the first written law codes' promoter in Europe, the Carta de Logu. The historical center dates back to the 'eleventh century of which it retains the St. Christopher's Tower, better known as Porta Manna (great gate). During the medieval period the city was under the Duchess Eleanor's governance , the promoter of one of the first written codes of law in Europe, the Carta de Logu. Worth visiting the Aquarium Arborense housed in the Parpaglia ancient palace, where they are stored several finds from Tharros, roman punic city , the Santa Maria Assunta's Cathedral and the small Santa Chiara's church , one of the few Gothic style examples in Sardinia. The city's economy is based on confectionary industry, fishing, farming and crafts. Very famous is the Vernaccia di Oristano , a wine that goes perfectly with the typical sweets almond.

Established in the mid 50's Cantina Vernaccia di Oristano is now one of the most interesting wine of the island. Thanks to the passion and ability in the cultivation and the grapes high quality conferred by the shareholders, the Cantina della Vernaccia di Oristano has earned the consecration in the national and international level, knowing how to combine many small producers' winemaking tradition with a framework aimed to interpret and satisfy the increasingly demanding market's needs. Among the best wines from the cellar we find the Judike, a Vernaccia di Oristano Riserva, the Corash, a Cannonau di Sardegna Reserve and the Remada, a Valle del Tirso's Vernaccia.
The " Cantina della Vernaccia " is located in Loc.Rimedio - Via Oristano 6 / Oristano.

Continuing from Oristano towards the coast, a few miles we find Cabras. The old town's architecture , with houses on one floor, it is still perfectly preserved. Its origins date back to the Neolithic period (4000 BC) are evidenced by the tombs' discovery _ dating from this period in Cuccuru Is Arrius. One of the most important archaeological sites in the area is definitely the one of Tharros which preserves nuragic testimonies including the village Muru Mannu. The city's foundation , in fact, dates back to the Phoenician period, around the end of the eighth century BC, of this work, however, nothing remains, are visible the city center's ruins dating back to the Roman period. Cabras is located at the namesake pond's edge _ , one of the largest freshwater ponds on the island, famous for the mullet breeding by which produce the famous Bottarga.

In Sardinian wine scene, the Cantina Contini is definitely an excellence. Founded in the late 1800s by Salvatore Contini in the early years of the 900 receives the first awards with the gold medal at the Universal Exhibition of Milan in 1912-13. The company is located in the Sinai Peninsula, not far from the Tharros' ruins , and from the site "Sa Osa", in which have been found grape seeds dating back to 2000 BC which are the  viticulture's oldest evidence in Sardinia. The most valuable label is definitely the Vernaccia, the first sardinian wine to receive the award "Tre Bicchieri" Gambero Rosso in 1989. In the " Cantina Contini " products are excellent as well as other wine Vermentino, Cannoanau the Nieddera and Mamaioa wines _ (no sulfites), the most outstanding result of this experiment is represented by Karmis, unique in its kind, obtained by Vernaccia and Vermentino grapes pressing.

" Cantina Contini " is located at Via Genova, 48/50 in Cabras.

Proceeding from Cabras to the North, we move towards Cuglieri, a village that overlooks a very special coast stretch, full of white cliffs and clear waters. Cuglieri is located on the Montiferru western side , on the ancient Roman city Gurulis Nova's ruins. The whole area is very rich in archaeological finds such as Domus de Janas, dolmens and Nuraghe, as well as numerous Phoenician and Roman times' remains. Cuglieri is very famous for its handmade carpets and tapestries, but also for the farming and agriculture, especially the  olive trees and vines cultivation.

In Cuglieri we find TEMA , the agricultural holding Terra Mare born a few years ago with the desire to start a multifunction company according to new philosophies. Eleven hectares of land that look out over the sea, where they are grown and processed as organic honey, olive oil and grape Vermentino and Cannonau, which provide the raw material for the two labels, the Silbanis and Orasale, both DOC wines to confirm their recognized quality.
TEMA Agricultural Company is located in Poderen.1 ex ETFAS St. Catherine Pittinurri in Cuglieri.