What to see: Aragonese House

What to see: Aragonese House

The Pink Trachyte in the centuries

The Aragonese House of Fordongianus is aristocratic dwelling dating from the late 1500s, typical of this area of the Campidano. Originally this house also included the adjoining house (still privately owned), with which it was in communication through a feature door at an angle.

The house is composed of six interconnecting rooms, three of which open onto the front porch, and the other on the garden. It is built in red trachyte a type of volcanic stone, found in large amounts in the territory of Fordongianus .

The doors and windows are adorned with numerous decorative elements of late Gothic style, imported in Sardinia by the Aragonese.

The cover is woven according to a simple wooden warping, on which rests the characteristic reed mat, in turn covered by the tiles.

The porch is supported by seven columns and overlooking directly outside. The back of the house is spread in areas delineated by walls and portals, such as the vegetable garden, the barn and a covered area where they had stopped the farm wagons.

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