The Sulcitano archipelago and its excellences

The Sulcitano archipelago and its excellences

S. Antioco and Carloforte between tradition and excellence

Sardinia is famous worldwide for its crystal clear sea, but worthy of note is its gastronomy, you can count on high-quality products such as the Carloforte's Corsa's bluefin tuna , also exported in the far Japan, and of the S.Antioco's Craft Beer .

The Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme offers this itinerary a bit 'challenging, long a full day: it is certain that such excellence deserve a few kilometers further.

Starting from Fordongianus the first route stop is Portoscuso, where we board at a time of Carloforte, the only municipality on the Sulcitano archipelago's San Pietro island. A Genoese enclave, which still preserves the traditions and the Ligurian language. Its origins date back to 1738, when Charles Emmanuel III gave it to a  families gruop from Pegli, in the Genoa's province .
Urbanistically very regular, the town retains some of the monuments that date back to the foundation, including the Novelli Innocenti's Church, of the late-Baroque, built on the a previous religious edifice of 1200's ruins. The Carloforte's parish church , in neoclassical style, dedicated to the  San Carlo Borromeo's cult, dates back to 1775.


In Carloforte are located several tuna processing plants, which are part of the Carloforte's and Portoscuso's Sardinian Tuna processing plants' Consortium_ , among which the most important is the Capo's tuna processing plant . The tuna porcessing plant group experience  in this area has its roots in the far 1654.
There are three fundamental elements that distinguish this product: Bluefin tuna that between the spring and summer just gather in the archipelago's waters, the manual processing methods for the preparation of different cuts such as ventresca, tarantello, bodano, bozzonaglia, processing techniques that make use of old procedures.
If you plan to enjoy these delicacies, you can book a table at the Ristorante Da Andrea, better known as Osteria della Tonnara.

From Carloforte you embark towards Calasetta, from which you can easily reach Sant 'Antioco that overlooks the Palmas Gulf . The menhirs Sa Mongia Para, the Domus de Janas, as well as the Su Niu and Su Crobu giant's tombs are witnesses of its ancient origins. The city is the St. Antioco's Sanctuary's home _, the Sardinia's patron saint , to whom is dedicated the April 23 celebration . Here there is an award-winning craft brewery, the brewery Rubiu, which takes its name from the sardines words "sa genti arrubia", pink flamingos. The company through the skillful ingredients blending such as water, grain, hops and yeast gets his beer, a sardinian excellent product , which has received several national awards and more. The quality Rais, just recently, got the second place among 592 beers from 15 different countries in international competition Brussels Beer Challenge, which was held in Liege, Belgium.


From Sant 'Antioco then you will return to Fordongianus .