The chromotherapic shower

A light bath

Colour therapy is the name by which you define the influence of colors on the central nervous system. By always have been recognized specific effects in different colors, such as the relaxing power of blue, or happiness and joy to yellow or energy to recharge to the green.

The colors affect the man's state of mind.

Is well known that the light becomes colored when it encounters a surface, which retains all colors except one. It is precisely the latter - not absorbed and reflected - that is perceived by our eyes.
So, how we feel on the skin hot and cold, the same way we perceive colors through the nervous system that brings to our mind the feelings that these provoke.


YELLOW - Sun symbol
VIOLA - Inspiration colour
GREEN - The symbol of nature
RED - The Substance of Fire
BLUE - The color of infinity
ORANGE - The symbol of the enthusiasm

Soak in a bath of colors, which gives you pleasure and harmony.