The Connectival Massage

The Connectival Massage

The reflex mechanisms evocation

Thanks to Elisabeth Dicke this massage method was born . The German physiotherapist, for a long time with serious circulatory defect in the lower limbs, began to massage the lower back and coccygeal area to prevent the occurrence of pressure sores; with great surprise, in a short time the lower limbs circulation regained normal flow and Dicke was able to return to her profession as a therapist preventing the limbs amputation .

Today, the connectival massage has emerged as one of the leading and most widely practiced massage therapy techniques.

What does it mean "reflexogenic"

The connectival massage is a "reflexogenic" that evokes the reflex mechanisms even in areas far away from where you practice massage, stimulating the "metamers", more or less extensive areas innervated by the same spinal root and the "bands" of connective tissue whose function is to contain and divide the internal organs by overlying structures (muscles and integument). The connectival massage is based on the holistic principles according to which all the parts of our body, internal and not, are linked; that's why it acts stimulating the skin by reflex even on areas far away from the point where the connective tissue massage is practiced.

The particular slow and deep clutches on the skin also have the ability to stimulate the blood circulation at the local level thus bringing more oxygen to the treated areas; that's why tissue reactions are varied: from itching to bruising more or less extensive, up to sweating and palpitations; reaction that usually appear in the first session.


The Benefits

Vascularization increase, decontraction and tissue relaxation, hormonal levels balance and posture state improvement. This type of massage has in fact, the ability to dissolve the blocks generated by muscle tension in the connective tissue caused by trauma, stress and problems to internal organs.

The massage brings who receives it, to a total relaxation status and is recommended after the massage, have a time for absolute rest.

Over the years the Dicke method has been enriched with a number of other factors that have added to and improved the effects and intervention possibilities are increasing both quantity and quality.