The kitchen of the Wellness

The kitchen of the Wellness

Eating healthy and delicious

The kitchen of the Wellness of Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme and Spa is an integral part of the paths anti aging, anti stress and, more generally, the improvement of life that we propose. Certainly this style of cuisine is attentive to the ingredients to their balance and to their seasonality. But it offers, above all, tasty dishes that make the meal a memorable event ever. It is therefore a lifestyle and not a diet.


The kitchen of the Wellness has the objective to facilitate the achievement of psychological well-being of people through the pleasures of the table. Here at the Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme and SPA think that it is not only the careful selection of raw materials and the use of healthy recipes to ensure this result. Are essential the right amounts, the choruses combinations and methods of cooking.

The real difference with a menu simply healthy is to know how to interpret the flavors of traditional dishes able to stir up emotions and memories.

Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme offers certified recipes in the kitchen of Wellness.


Our proposals for lunch or dinner extra:

  • menu of the day at the mini carte: €. 32.00 per person (excluding drinks);
  • light menu: buffet at the discretion of raw and cooked vegetables: € 15.00 per person (drinks not included) from Monday to Friday; €. 20.00 per person (excluding drinks) Saturday, Sunday and public holidays;
  • menu "Line": salads served at the pool or at the bar, sandwiches and snacks;