4-legged friends

4-legged friends

Do not leave them at home!

In Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme & SPA pets small and medium size are welcome!

We know how everything is easier when at your destination you can find all those spaces and the equipment with which our friends dogs and cats need. We then created a series of services that will make your stay, and that of your 4-legged friends, much easier and comfortable.


These are the special service for your 4-legged friends:

  • Bowls for food and water;
  • pet bed;
  • 2 meals per day;
  • Reserved area in the shade near the pools;

To be always ready to meet your need please ask for more time, everything you need.

Conditions of acceptance

  • Size: till 12 Kg
  • Behavior: habit to stay at home, absolutely non-aggressive
  • Rate: 35 € per day