The sound of silence

The principal service offers by Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme and SPA is the Relax. You can get it in many forms, not all synonymous with lazy indolence, floating in the spa water. The natural environment is our first resource, with its water, silence and nature. And then there are our services aimed to help in the search of the state of well-being.


  • The thermal pools

    The thermal pools

    Our warm embrace

    Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme and Spa has two large swimming pools, one external 34 deegrees Celsius and one internal 36°.


  • The Exclusive Oroazzurro SPA

    The Exclusive Oroazzurro SPA

    The Elegance of Relax!

    A multi-sensory and politermale path, unique, intimate originates from the waterfalls of OROAZZURRO. An energetic path, stimulating, balancing, purifying, immunizing and invigorating. The heat of the sauna, the music of the water, the colors of light, aromatherapy essences dissolved in the environment, reintegration of minerals through herbal teas, make this course an experience of a thousand sensations!



  • The Gym Fitness

    The Gym Fitness

    To sculpt the body

    The gym Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme and Spa is the place where you can continue that you started with the treatments offered. In general, any path slimming, shaping, detoxification, also needs a tailored physical activity.



  • Tennis courts

    Tennis courts

    Tennis, the calory destroyer sport

    Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme and SPA has 2 tennis courts on the property.  The courts enjoy a great view over the Tirso river valley.  It is possible to play also during summer as the courts are in a breezy location.



  • New Wellness Area

    New Wellness Area

    Heat and steam in all its forms

    The wellness area of Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme is accessible from the indoor spa pool on the ground floor of the structure. Here you can complete the spa experience following an organized path of recreational and therapeutic activites.


  • Bath under the Stars

    Bath under the Stars

    The magic of the night and water

    Fordongianus has a great and wonderful starry sky which can be admired from the spa pool. Every Friday we offer to all customers this unique experience. But if you want to enjoy it with greater intimacy, in pairs or with some friends, we offer an exclusive service.