The Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme SPA is the real "dispenser" of Wellness of your holiday: a place in which to leave the tensions and finding some time in which to enjoy unmissable events with "egoterapia", a place which gives the couple also important occasions to reach a new awareness of "together", to discover new affinity and complicity.

The SPA spa Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme , set up to amplify the benefits of healthy wellness, has become the "center" of contemporary wellness. Thanks to the clever use of thermal waters, its qualified personnel, which applies therapeutic techniques western and eastern methods, and a harmonious environment, promotes mental and physical balance and the complete relaxation and wellbeing.

The attention to the colors, sounds and scents, soft lights and warm ambience combining relaxation and quietness so that thoughts can lighten and stretch it so that the thermal activity is amplified and is therefore more effective and long lasting.

Choosing to live Rituals Spa, Massages, Body Treatments, Facial Treatments, applied only by the hand of highly trained and certified staff present at the Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme means to enjoy a moment of pure pleasure finally dedicated to your self.

Salus per Aquam Sardegna Grand Hotel Spa...The emotion of Wellness a measure of desire!

  • Kids & Teens Wellness

    Kids & Teens Wellness

    The beauty area also opens up to children and Teens...

    Why, just mom and dad can enter in Beauty area? Even us kids want to try everything they do!


  • Massage Planet

    Massage Planet

    and is immediately ... feel good!

    Massage is an ancient art, one of the safest forms and natural body care.


  • Beauty World

    Beauty World

    Enchant your senses, pamper the body, relaxes the spirit

    The heart may beat for joy, but also for beauty. A beautiful body makes us happier inside.


  • All treatments

    All treatments

    Complete Pricelist of treatments

    Below is a complete list of all the treatments we offer, divided into categories.

    Prices are approximate. Please refer to price list found at the hotel.


    Diagnostics Spa treatments
    Massotherapy Wine therapy
    Beauty services