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The Exclusive Oroazzurro SPA

"Rediscover yourself in a place where your needs and desires are not frustrated or disappointed, where reigns unchallenged the Pleasure Principle, where reality becomes material to play ..."

A multi-sensory and muti-thermal path, unique, intimate originates from the waterfalls of OROAZZURRO. An energetic path, stimulating, balancing, purifying, immunizing and invigorating. The heat of the sauna, the music of the water, the colors of light, aromatherapy essences dissolved in the environment, reintegration of minerals through herbal teas, make this course an experience of a thousand sensations!




Sauna: in dry warm environment, at elevated temperature with a humidity of around 20% allows a strong sweating, determines relax and facilitates the expulsion of toxins.

Soft sauna or wet sauna: it offers excellent support for all  immune and regenerative activities of the organism. Great place to stop and recover from daily stress.

Thermal steam cave: the average moisture helps general relaxation, a toning of the muscles and skin, cleaning the pores and increasing circulation.

Steam bath: classic steam bath detoxinating that will immerse yourself in a pleasantly moist and enveloping environment.

Water Paradise: hydro, chrome and aroma therapy in this emotional path. A fascinating path for a charming and invigorating effect with different jets of water at different temperatures.

Kneipp Trail: a healthy foot massage, in which they follow each sprays at different temperatures. Promotes general circulation of the whole organism. A good exercise to restore elasticity to the capillaries, it also has a tonic-relaxing effect and improves tissue oxygenation.

Whirlpool: jets and air bubbles for a whirlpool of pure pleasure to be joyfully shared with others.

Relax room with wall of iodized salt, backlit: a relaxing area where you can rest wrapped in the towel (in your budget) sipping the fragrant herbal tea purifying and relaxing. To integrate liquid and glucose will also find fresh water to drink.



Opening hours: from 9.00 to 12.00 and from 15.30 to 18.30.

The entrance is a limited number (adults only)