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The Californian Massage


The origins

During the Vietnam War, a medical team in California who considered unnecessary drug treatments, created a treatment to correct the damage caused by the war.
From massage techniques known at the time (Ayurvedic, Shiatsu, Thai, Swedish, etc.). were used maneuvers considered most suitable in order to create a treatment that would lead the recipient into a state of immense relaxation to make him forget the damage suffered, his anxieties, fears, to restore confidence and hope.
Even today, the Californian massage is highly sought for the benefits it brings, and more and more doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists prescribe it to their patients.

This massage involves the most intimate parts of the psycho-affective sphere. Its main feature is the wrap-around; the person who receives the massage feels protected, cradled, supported: everything favors a sort of infantile regression.


For Who?

It is particularly suitable for those suffering from psychosomatic disorders such as depression, hypertension, anxiety, stress, anorexia, bulimia, insomnia, panic attacks, addiction to drugs, lack of self-esteem, digestive difficulties, tachycardia, feelings of suffocation,  dynamism excess , lack of energy, etc. ..; for those who want to get in touch with their inner reality and for those in search of relaxation.
In general, it is suitable to all people because it makes you feel good and fit, giving an extraordinary feeling of overall well-being.

Being a gestaltic massage , the person is perceived in its entirety becoming aware of forgotten body parts .
This turns into a greater confidence in themselves and in life. Since this is a highly emotional massage, the person has the impression of having a value that did not previously perceived, and also the social life is powerfully stimulated.


The physiological effects

It tones the muscles and tissues, fights aging of the skin, balances the nervous system and muscular contractures and dissolving tensions.
It stimulates the replacement of body fluids through the stimulation of the lymphatic, venous and arterial system, it also reactivates the vitality of internal organs responsible for the po digestive and respiratory poisoning; promotes the elimination of toxins. Finally, it enriches sensory perceptions and free the sensuality .


The Technique

As already mentioned, the Californian is the massage that, more than any other, working on the contact sphere .
Thanks to a pleasantly scented oil, the body is wrapped and molded in its entirety, alternating fluids, light or deeper movements, which focus on the entire body surface . Gestures are slow, gentle and wide: it is as if the hands perform a harmonious choreography on the body. The Californian massage gestures surround, are designed to transmit energy by giving an extraordinary feeling of well-being, completeness, joy and calm.