Maitre Paolo Lisci

Maitre Paolo Lisci

The Maitre, the backbone of the restaurant

Our Maitre Paul Lisci, was born in Gonnosfanadiga, a small town in the Medio Campidano province known for its highest quality  Extra Virgin Olive Oil production .


Its expansive and jovial character and his family led him to study and to jump into the tourism field . After received her diploma at the Institute Hotelier and during his many years experience wastes no time in acquiring a good professional capacity both in the Territory and abroad working in the best places: restaurants and hotels.

The American dream, language learning, the different gastronomic and cultural traditions, then led him to decide to explore other worlds in order to further enrich its cultural baggage.

He decides to pursue the partnership with the Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme making use of all his past experience. It 's so that at the Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme , for 5 years now, the maitre Paul offers his great ability and professional ethics that distinguishes to all our guests as well as its employees.