Plan and environmental policy

Plan and environmental policy

The Mission Environment is our primary objective!

We are aware tourism is an activity with a high environmental impact, and we strive to integrate the principles of sustainable development into daily management practice, trying to convey our involvement in environmental issues also to customers.

Main actions taken:
  • Geothermal heating: the thermal water that flows at 52 ° C, is distributed to 38 ° C for all its practical applications (mud, spa, health club, swimming pools). The temperature difference is used to heat the two structures and to produce hot water. This process occurs through the large heat pumps that extract the excess calories from the thermal water. At the end of this process, the thermal water is collected in special tanks for the irrigation of lawns;
  • Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme was born with a modern conception of the use of renewable energy. The structure itself, with its stained glass windows, is able to receive the sunlight, turning them into heat that warms the amps common areas; It has also been widely used local pink trachyte, malleable volcanic stone, allowing better mimicry with the territory. In addition, the color palette selected for the plaster, is very effective in reducing the visual impact of the structure;
  • Two photovoltaic systems placed on the roofs of the hotel and spa, each with a rated power of 20 kW, are connected to the electricity distribution network and fully cover the needs for the extraction of thermal water from the well;
  • Low voltage lighting and high efficiency elements in the rooms and in common areas;
  • Office paper for letters, printed matter, brochures, menus, etc. bearing the Ecolabel mark;
  • Use, as far as possible, 0 KM food.


We are sure you will work with us to protect the environment and we are willing to give you more information than you need.

We proceed periodically review the system of environmental protection through the evaluation of the environmental objectives and the planned evaluation of the results obtained; Then we provide the rescheduling of goals and actions designed to improve performance and prevent pollution, so each your suggestion in this regard will be appreciated.