Welcome to Fordongianus

Welcome to Fordongianus

The best hot spring SPA in Sardinia

Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme has the largest and best equipped thermal SPA of the island. Since the dawn of time the hot springs of Fordongianus were used and worshipped by the local populations. Then the Romans built a huge Thermal Bath and the ruins are still there to be visited, only 10 minutes walk away from the hotel. In our days the hot spring water is used by our SPA and by the villagers, in the path of a tradition that is thousands of years old.


Why Sardegna  Grand Hotel Terme

Thermal treatments are a major part of the tourism tradition in Italy. Sardegna Grand Hotel Terme is particularily efficient, due to its size and organisation, in providing at very competitive cost mud treatments, age and skin control programs, weight and stress management with top of the art proceedings and equipment, under strict medical control when required.  We ask you to come to Fordongianus becuase here is where the mineral hot water springs are. We could bottle the water... but it would not be the same. The beneficial properties of the hotsprings are well known since pre-historical times and you will just love them.

Why Sardinia

How to get here

Sardinia is only a couple of hours flight, often low cost,  from most places in Central and Southern Europe. The climate is amazing: mild temperatures through most of the year and, of course, a hot summer.

Average temperature in Sardinia
You can go from the coldest winter to a never ending spring on a Friday and be back in your office on monday... but with a suntan!

By plane is the best option. The Grand Hotel Terme is approximately 1 hour away from Cagliari - CAG - and Alghero - AHO - aiports. You may then decide to rent a car, take a train or use our pick up service. If you live in Central Europe you can be a 3 or 4 hours away from your home to our hot water outdoor pols, massages and relaxation.Ask us for a full flight car hotel spa packageIf you were to need help in organising your trip, no worries! We are perfectly equipped to provide you with a full package including flight, car, accommodation, great meals in one easy purchase: all you need to do is ask.

Our signature services and treatments


  • The Exclusive Oroazzurro SPA

    The Exclusive Oroazzurro SPA

    The Elegance of Relax!

    A multi-sensory and politermale path, unique, intimate originates from the waterfalls of OROAZZURRO. An energetic path, stimulating, balancing, purifying, immunizing and invigorating. The heat of the sauna, the music of the water, the colors of light, aromatherapy essences dissolved in the environment, reintegration of minerals through herbal teas, make this course an experience of a thousand sensations!



  • X2: Our private SPA

    X2: Our private SPA

    In love... for those who want to discover or re-discover!

    Try our brand new private SPA suite, for couple treatment in exclusive areas..


  • Wine therapy in luxury

    Wine therapy in luxury 459,00 € per person - 4 days / 3 nights

    Winetherapy and SPA

    Winetherapy and SPA pampering in a balanced luxury combination. This 4 day 3 night package will let you through the SPA and wine therapy experience recovering your strenght and balance.