Heavy legs: some remedies

Heavy legs: some remedies

Taking care of yourself with natural remedies

Thanks to the osmotic salt's properties (in the shower!) helps to eliminate fluids.

At the end of a long day, prepare a bowl with few salt tablespoons and natural oil , then rub it on wet skin by massaging from the ankles up, up to the belly and rinse thoroughly, finishing with a cold shower on the legs; with a few essential peppermint or rosemary oil's drops will give you a refreshing effect.

Immediately after lying down with legs upright, leaning against the wall for about a minute.

Then apply a gel based on substances that help the microcirculation's physiological function , including natural remedies: rusco, red vine and Gotu Kola,

Use the gel daily prevents the toxins stagnation and promotes tissue drainage eliminating puffiness; in more severe cases you should consult your doctor.

Walking barefoot has a relaxing effect and has a beneficial effect on circulation.

The worst legs' enemy is a sedentary lifestyle. A preventive purposes is important, therefore, perform "sweet" gymnastics . The activities are ideal for the legs, which strengthen the muscles in a soft way, are: walking, jogging, cycling, hiking, but also specifically the water activities such as swimming, water aerobics, or even simple movements or short walks in water. The regularand rhythmic legs' muscoles' contraction is an effective and balanced way - like a real massage - to help the venous blood return.

People who work sitting at a desk should try to get up regularly every 30 minutes to take a few steps. In the sitting position, keep your back straight and tight to the back, knees slightly bent and your feet on a footrest high about 20 centimeters.

Who's long standing should move every now and then, rising on his toes and going downin order to contract the calf muscles, try to alternate a few minutes of rest, lying down or with your legs raised respect to the trunk.

A balanced diet is also essential to maintain the right weight form which, in addition to not strain the heart, promotes an effective venous blood return.
It is better to eat light and raw meals such as salads, vegetables and fruits, fish, white meat, low-fat cheese, pasta and wholemeal bread and simple toppings as olive oil and linseed oil.

It is also very important to drink lots of water and herbal tea unsweetened in order to facilitate intestinal transit.

Enjoy two relaxing days every now and then, giving you a draining massage with a detoxifying mud application will give further relief to tired legs and an energy boost to the body and mind.